You do not have to be a runner to volunteer. We have families, seniors, groups and individuals that volunteer.
175 volunteers are needed for the 20th Annual North Country Run at “Big M” in the Manistee National Forest, August 24th and 25th 2019. We’ve reached the maximum number of registered runners, which means Wellston will see 1000 participants from over 40 states and both the U.S. and Canada. The runners and their families are reserving rooms at the cabins and motels, and other area businesses will see an increase in customers over the entire weekend. More importantly, together we get a chance to show the participants how wonderful the area is for visiting.

Race Address: (3500 Udell Hills Road, Manistee MI)

It’s our goal to involve the community as we give back to the area and that can start with helping at the race as a volunteer. Not only does volunteering help involve the community, it also encourages the runners to come back each year and we hope you’ll be a part of that. You’ll receive a shirt and ticket for the post-race food party, plus we will be delivering additional food to you throughout the day if you are at an aid station. Bathrooms are located near each aid stations and the start/finish area as well. Individuals, families and groups can volunteer. If you’re part of a service organization, school or church you can also receive a donation to your group.

The challenge is finding volunteers early enough to provide details about the race before race day. We hope you’ll volunteer by filling out the information below. Volunteers are key to the success of the race, so we ask that you please sign up today.